Every one is invited for daily Deep Daan at ISKCON Aligarh Center !!

Invitation for Govardhan Puja

Everyone is invited in a Grand celebration of Govardhan Puja at ISKCON Aligarh Center on 24th Oct 2014. 
Grab this nice opportunity to attract Krishna's attention towards you. Hari bol!! 
24th October, 2014
11:00 AM 
ISKCON Aligarh Centre

The significance & glories of Kartik or Damodara month

In our ISKCON Magazine ‘Back To Godhead’, October 2011, in page 15 and 16 it is beautifully explained as follows :
After going through the intense summer and a humid monsoon, we perceive autumn, the Sarat season, as one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. According to the Vedic calendar, the Sarat season falls during the months of Asvin and Kartika, of which Kartika carries special significance.
Kartik- A month of love
Although devotional service can be performed at any time and in any place, devotees know well that devotional service performed during this month is especially pleasing. Therefore, they perform additional austerities and devotional practices during Kartika. 
The Vedic scriptures describe, in detail, the material benefits one derives by performing devotional service during Kartika. However, pure devotees of Lord Krishna have no interest in material benefits. Rather, they are interested only in pleasing the Lord.
ISKCON devotees eagerly await the arrival of Kartika every year, when they can sing the Daamodaraastakam prayers in the evenings and offer their heartfelt love and devotion as they circle ghee lamps before their Lord. Throughout the month they are so immersed in the childhood pastimes of Krishna at Damodara that they constantly sing and hear about them.
In this month the other events that took place are :
1) Deepavali and
2) Govardana Puja

- Back To Godhead, October 2011, page 15 and 16.